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          To help fulfill this goal, Bracken elementary offers a solid academic program supplemented with weekly Music, Art, P.E., computer, Spanish and library classes. Additionally, we place a high value into integrating STEM (science, technology, engineering & math) and our elementary students attend a daily science classes providing a rich, hands-on experience.  Achievement testing is given every other year, beginning in first grade. On average, our students rank between the 70th and 90th national percentiles in comparison to their public and private school counterparts. Once a week our Bracken 初级 comes together for our weekly 教堂 service. These are always great times of worship and growing in the Lord for our students, staff and parents.

          真正使ag捕鱼有别于其他学校的是高素质的员工队伍,专门的父母,当然,我们的精彩的学生。蕨菜小学教师的资格和资格的个人谁拥有一个儿童心脏和基督教教育的热情。 ag捕鱼的家庭也同样致力于学校和被基督为中心的教育经验。它是真正的我们的员工和家属,使这里ag捕鱼所有的差异


          初级 Science Class
          Classroom routines and traditions
          Hero Day at Bracken

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